Waleed Shehata holds M.Sc. degree in Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design in the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, and is currently the lecturer of the “Historical Preservation and Conservation” course in the same academy. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Planning and Management, from ITC Twente University, The Netherlands (2010-2011), and his B.Sc. from Helwan University. He is certified and licensed architect in Egypt; however, his research and practice are influenced by his international experiences. His academic and professional work look generally at human engagement with the built environment, and more specifically in the relationship between the reuse of architectural heritage and contemporary urban dynamics.


Deena El-Mahdy; is an architect, lecturer assistant and a PhD candidate at Cairo University as well. She graduated in 2010, from Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Architectural department, and received her master in 2013 from the same university. She had always a passion in nature, its rules and logic, the hidden unseen world, the animal's and material's behavior. The lack of the academic and practice field let her concentrate on fabrication techniques and how people can think with different logic and strategy by revisiting nature. In addition to her academic work, teaching experience had given her necessary skills to be a qualified researcher. During the last five years, she had joined a lot of manual and digital fabrication workshops and others related to cultural heritage and conservation. In addition to her interests in virtual and augmented reality as an interactive tool in museums and archaeological sites.  


Amr Adel is an architect, and teacher assistant in the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. He graduated 2011 holding a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design from the same university.  Amr greatest strengths is working with the community and understanding their needs. He believes that in-order to make a successful architectural intervention it should be economically viable while serving the needs of the community at the same time. 


Ahmed El-Tobgy is a design architect who began his collaboration with Abdelhalim CDC in 2010 with the King Abdelaziz Mosque in Mecca Competition which they won the 1st prize in. Ahmed's greatest strengths are his versatility and unbounded curiosity. He was project architect in several projects while also participating in many competitions locally and internationally. Currently he is working on his master thesis in Germany focusing on urban design and revitalization of historic city districts. Ahmed is committed to excellence in innovative design that is tied to issues of social responsibility and rigorous investigation of cultural identity.