See The Unseen

By: Deena Elmahdy

The idea of the exhibition is not testing how professional the photos are, but how can the photos take you inside the place, how can you get the meaning behind the photos, how to think different, how to go behind what you see.
It is about re-experience the places and phenomena that we get used to them.

“Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his heart, and that depends upon how much he has polished it. Whoever has polished it more sees more - more unseen forms become manifest to him.”Rumi

This needs to decrease your speed and polish your heart and soul to see the hidden beauty, phenomena around us which we get use to them.

How can you read with your eyes, not everyone who see with his eye can see with his soul. This is harder.
The exhibition presents 3 themes, heritage, nature & wildlife.





Shows how similar the buildings, although they are in a different areas, the architectural different eras and traditional building techniques. It also put the light on some heritage buildings which are in risk and need to be preserved. 



Shows some places inside our country that most of us has no idea about them, or get use to their beauty till they lost this meaning. It also shows how travelling or hiking can change your personality and character.





Through this theme, there is a different perspective through focusing on some insects and animals. Targeting how animals see the photographer while capturing them or how they look to us.

The most important thing in this theme that i focused on showing the people the beauty within the small creatures that they never seen or focused as; pattern, color, shape and behaviour.

How they can see the beauty of the structure and the architecture of those animals.
This theme teaches people not to judge anyone from the smallest creature to the biggest one. Additionally, it let the people feel his scale through the universe if he compare himself to the small creatures. The biomimicry terminology and how it related to architecture.

Through the exhibition, i added some captions to relate the pictures with some verses from the Holy Qur'an and others to encourage them to think again through watching the pictures. The value of the exhibition has been increased while the people giving me a feedback or different perspective through the pictures and how they see it.

The exhibition has been opened in 1st of April 2017, Dr Safy el Din has opened the exhibition and hosted by Dr Heba Safy el Din, and I gave a lecture on how people can use their eyes in a different ways. The exhibition lasts for 2 weeks and end by 19th of April. The venue is 'Bayt el Mimar el Masry'  infront of Sultan Hassan mosque. The space is a cultural platform that allow people while attending events to interact with the house and know the history of it.